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Health and Safety

Our biggest asset is our workforce, they are the skilled labour that, achieve making a concept into a reality, and here at NR groundworks we understand that we are only as good as the labour we employ.  It is key to our organisation to create a hardworking, yet happy and most importantly safe environment for all our staff.

We work in the industry which statistically has the worst safety record than any other mainly due to the dangers that face us each and every day.  We do everything to ensure that our workers go home to their families each and every day.

We are continually investing in our staff and operation to ensure our staff has up to date training and all the relevant safety awareness accreditation and competency cards, to enable them to carry out their tasks safely.

We are a proud member of the CQMS safety scheme, and have been independently assessed and accredited by CQMS so that any prospective client has confidence that we are a company that meets or exceeds the industry health and safety standards and that we have safety systems in place that enable us to have an enviable safety record.