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Roads & Sewers

We can undertake all types of drainage projects, from full commercial drainage Installation jobs and civil works to small residential drain repairs.

We at NR Groundworks have a vast experience of sewer installations, with deep drainage and SUDS compliant drainage being more of the everyday works we carry out.  We often work with our clients from conceptual design to help ‘value engineering’ at design / pre tender stage.

NR Groundworks has a team of fully qualified technicians that can install or replace a variety of tanks and pipe work to improve drainage. These include: Attenuation tanks, BioDisc sewage treatment tanks, Septic tanks, Oil separator tanks, Soakaway systems, Sewage/drainage tanks and pumps.

If your project requires ditching, deep excavation drainage, septic tank installation or connecting to the Local Authority’s main drainage, please give us a call on 01832 733 013 for a FREE quotation with no obligation.

We can help you with:

  • Complete Sewer Installations
  • Bio Disc sewage treatment tanks
  • Channel drains
  • Gully replacements
  • Land Drainage Contractors
  • Manhole cover replacements
  • Oil separator tanks
  • Septic tanks
  • Sewage/drainage tanks and pumps
  • Sewer connections into existing systems
  • Soakaway or attenuated drainage systems
  • Soil vent pipe renewals

We have configured and installed a wide variety of different sewage and drainage systems including attenuation storage tanks, box culverts, combined storm overflows (CSOs), gravity sewers, pumped storage tanks, rising mains, and unsatisfactory intermittent discharges (UIDs).

We have a good working relationship with local authorities and their inspectors and representatives, we know the standards they expect and always involve them at early stage to seek advice and guidance, which we feel they appreciate and hence why so many client recommendations have been given from Local authorities and service providers.

We fully understand the challenges and limitations that must be faced with each type of drainage and sewage project. We’ve worked in urban areas where public access and traffic management were issues that had to be dealt with, industrial sites where logistics and productivity were top priority and in rural locations where we had to pay close attention to ecological matters. Over the 15 years we’ve been in business we’ve faced many challenges and found ways to still get the project done on time and within budget.

We have expertise in completing full highway installations, from complete development infrastructure to working in highways upgrading existing roads to suit increased traffic from the planned developments.  We are also well versed in undertaking works to section agreements i.e tying in new roads to existing roads and creating the junctions and connections required to get works on maintenance and make the adoption process as smooth running as possible.